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It still amazes me that it took eight years to discover water as a setting for the Nude. Nova Scotia is nearly surrounded by ocean, and riddled with rivers and lakes, and it is more than warm enough in the summer to make modeling nude in a cool river inviting yet, what should have been obvious to me, came as a magical, serendipitous discovery. From the first, the images made in water had a freshness and life to them I found magical.

Since 1996, I have continued to explore water Nudes with increasing frequency. From working with moving water, I have expanded my vision to include imaging the figure in still water, and to working with the reflections in the water around the body. The only real limitation to this work has been seasonal, with outdoor water nudes being impractical in Nova Scotia most of the year. In late 2005, I began to work with water nudes in the studio, placing models in pools especially constructed for the purpose.

In 2008, I presented an overview of my work with the nude in water in the exhibition “Memory of Water” at ViewPoint Gallery, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.